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About Unveil Your Love ~ A Collection of Songs ...

A musical endeavor of impressive scope and ambition, UNVEIL YOUR LOVE ~ A Collection of Songs is the auspicious debut recording by lyricist Paul Golubovs and seasoned composer John Sokoloff. Independently produced by Golubovs and Firefox Premier Records, this unique 2-CD set is a conceptual masterwork that runs the gamut from exotic Latin torch songs, gallant retro-pop excursions and cowboy-tinged country songs, to smoky roadhouse blues, neoclassic waltzes, European cabaret tunes and more. Golubovs' and Sokoloff's 18 original songs are expressively rendered by eight featured vocal soloists and 14 musicians specially assembled for this once-in-a-lifetime recording project. Among the featured performers are Mark Lennon of America's beloved Lennon family and the acclaimed rock group Venice, as well as singer James Intveld, who has shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen and recorded with Bob Dylan. Other contributors include vocalists Michelle Featherstone ("Alias," "Smallville"), Discovery Award winner Joanne Kurman, and others.

The album's sumptuous melodies and arrangements are complemented by Golubovs' insightful lyrics, which explore beyond the well-tread themes of romantic love. Indeed, though the album probes the complexities of relationships, Unveil Your Love also celebrates the important, yet seldom-sung emotions that help define the human experience -- the love of work, country and the common man. The love of life

"The songs in this release are a carefully sequenced series of self-contained studies," says lyricist and executive producer, Golubovs. "They capture the moments in the cycle of love, love lost and love regained, and also touch upon the common denominator issues of communication, professional dedication, and love of family. The counterbalancing profiles take on the subjects of denial, emancipation, self-actualization and celebration of life!"

The result is a slow-burning double disc recording that captures the bittersweet essence of contemporary life. Described as "a romantic musical adventure about life and love," Unveil Your Love is steeped in serene imagery ("Crystal Raindrops," "Fireplace," "Springtime Waltz"), earnest Heartland symbolism ("Family Farm," "White Apron," "The Teacher") and philosophical lyricism ("Time Shadow," "Echo of Happiness," "If Words Could Speak").

On the Salty Wind (a.k.a., Salty Wind of Freedom), the songwriting duo creates a tribute to the dedicated American Patriots who have served and who are serving in the U.S. Navy, in the U.S. Marine Corps, and in the U.S. Coast Guard. The haunting refrain "Only the vigilant will be free," makes this song particularly relevant to today's war against terrorism.


The album is highlighted by Until I Finally Find You, a poignant ballad that transports listeners from the business-as-usual obliviousness of post 9-11 life into the hearts of families affected by the 2001 tragedy. To wit: "Until I finally find you, I'm without a part of me / that laughed and played and loved -- where anything could be."

"I believe that the profoundness of the September 11th tragedy is too quickly lost when remembered only in terms of statistics," says Golubovs. "As an American, as a Native New Yorker, and as a U. S. Navy Veteran, I really felt it necessary to personalize that tragic loss of lives."

It would be a gross understatement to describe Unveil Your Love as a labor of love. The project is the brainchild of lyricist Paul Golubovs, a native New Yorker currently residing in San Diego. Having long admired the work of the classically trained American pianist and composer John Sokoloff, Golubovs saw the potential for a collaborative project.

"John's music could provide a multi-textural musical platform for the lyrical studies (or scenes) in a collection of songs -- written on the very beautiful and sensitive subject of the cycle of human love," Golubovs

Most of the songs on this album, plus songs from a future album, will be drawn upon for a stage musical production which is currently in its conceptual phase.

Like the solar eclipse photo that graces the album's cover, Golubovs and Sokoloff have created a recording that reminds listeners that being human is at once a beautiful and painful experience. In a musical world where even the purest sentiments are bellowed if voiced at all, Unveil Your Love resounds like a calm, soulful voice in the wilderness.

"In a sense, this album is like an unpredictable Variety Show, riding on waves of fresh and fabulous music," Golubovs says. "But the songs are also full of double entendres and surprise endings -- like life."

A Romantic Musical Adventure
About Life and Love!

Featuring 18 Original Songs
Performed by 8 Singers and 14 Musicians
With piano, violin, guitar, oboe, cello and flute solos!

-- and with a 16 Panel Insert with Lyrics and Photos –

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

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