Music: Teacher Song - White Apron - If Words Could Speak - Dusty 'Clay' Brewer - Sokoloff - Golubovs- Michelle Featherstone - Jo Anne Kurman - Mark Lenon



DISC 1 - Titles (Vocalists)

  1. White Apron
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  2. Unveil Your Love
    (Mark Lennon)
  3. Rear View Mirror
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  4. Time Shadow
    (Bob Wayne)
  5. Question To Your Heart
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  6. Until I Finally Find You
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  7. Echo of Happiness
    (Mark Lennon, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Crystal Raindrops
    (James Intveld)
  9. If Words Could Speak
    (Jo Anne Kurman)

DISC 2- Titles (Vocalists)

  1. Salty Wind
    (Mark Lennon)
  2. The Teacher
    (Michelle Featherstone
  3. Sternocleidomastoids
    (James Intveld, Teresa James)
  4. Family Farm
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  5. Who is She?
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  6. Dusty 'Clay' Brewer
    (James Intveld)
  7. Fireplace
    (Rick Kleber, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Christmas Week
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  9. Springtime Waltz
    (Natalie Prantil, Teresa James, Jo Anne Kurman)

Songs & Lyrics by
Paul Golubovs & John Sokoloff


It's Christmas week at the superstore
and the crowds pour in non-stop
I'm stuck behind the counter --
I don't have a chance to shop

There are colorful gifts and bargains --
the best already sold...
But that's okay, I'll save my pay --
Turn pennies into gold...

It's Christmas week --
and the bargains pass under my eye
I scan them, wrap them, pack them --
and wave them off "Good Buy!"

I'm stuck behind the counter
and I don't have time to shop...
That's okay, I'll save my pay
Turn pennies into gold...

It's Christmas week at the superstore
What's that annoying sound?
My hand hits the alarm clock
I turn myself around...
It was just a dream, no matter --
the sales have just begun
I grab my purse
I'm out the door --
gotta get my shopping done...

It's Christmas week at the Superstore
before I spend my gold --
I notice a man with hungry eyes --
huddled in the cold,
His hand outstretched --
tattered coat --
makes me realize --
It's not about the Christmas sales
but the love we share inside...

"Thank you ma'am, God bless you"

...and pennies turn to gold...

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