Music: Teacher Song - White Apron - If Words Could Speak - Dusty 'Clay' Brewer - Sokoloff - Golubovs- Michelle Featherstone - Jo Anne Kurman - Mark Lenon



DISC 1 - Titles (Vocalists)

  1. White Apron
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  2. Unveil Your Love
    (Mark Lennon)
  3. Rear View Mirror
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  4. Time Shadow
    (Bob Wayne)
  5. Question To Your Heart
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  6. Until I Finally Find You
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  7. Echo of Happiness
    (Mark Lennon, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Crystal Raindrops
    (James Intveld)
  9. If Words Could Speak
    (Jo Anne Kurman)

DISC 2- Titles (Vocalists)

  1. Salty Wind
    (Mark Lennon)
  2. The Teacher
    (Michelle Featherstone
  3. Sternocleidomastoids
    (James Intveld, Teresa James)
  4. Family Farm
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  5. Who is She?
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  6. Dusty 'Clay' Brewer
    (James Intveld)
  7. Fireplace
    (Rick Kleber, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Christmas Week
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  9. Springtime Waltz
    (Natalie Prantil, Teresa James, Jo Anne Kurman)

Songs & Lyrics by
Paul Golubovs & John Sokoloff


What a thrill it is tonight!
I can't see thru all this light...
But my list of thanks is soaking in my hand...
It didn't come to soon
for my friend who wrote the tune --
But just in time for members of the band.

Now I can't accept the praise
without thinking of the days --
that sauntered by
with nothing done at all.

There was music in her eyes
that her shades could not disguise
And there was meaning in the words
she wouldn't say
When I finally understood
that the message sent was good --
I told her about my prehistoric days

I can't listen to applause
without thinking of the flaws --
that kept me rollin' the wrong, wrong way!

When I was too cool to be an artist...
When I was too young to drive my song...
When the tall tales fell
and the music just wouldn't sell --
that's when I woke up right where I belong

Tried to write music...
Tried to sing rhymes...
Tried to find words to make the message shout!
Broke a pen, broke a deal
broke a car, lost the feel --
Couldn't write songs
til' she turned my insight out...


I didn't have a care
I'd hang out everywhere
Days were short and nights were long...
When I thought I'd reach the end
I was awakened by my friend --
Her love taught me
how to write a song...

I just had to change my ways --
so I opened up my gaze
and grabbed each moment
as it called...


"I really wanted to learn the guitar...
...but there were too many strings attached..."

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