Music: Teacher Song - White Apron - If Words Could Speak - Dusty 'Clay' Brewer - Sokoloff - Golubovs- Michelle Featherstone - Jo Anne Kurman - Mark Lenon



DISC 1 - Titles (Vocalists)

  1. White Apron
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  2. Unveil Your Love
    (Mark Lennon)
  3. Rear View Mirror
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  4. Time Shadow
    (Bob Wayne)
  5. Question To Your Heart
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  6. Until I Finally Find You
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  7. Echo of Happiness
    (Mark Lennon, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Crystal Raindrops
    (James Intveld)
  9. If Words Could Speak
    (Jo Anne Kurman)

DISC 2- Titles (Vocalists)

  1. Salty Wind
    (Mark Lennon)
  2. The Teacher
    (Michelle Featherstone
  3. Sternocleidomastoids
    (James Intveld, Teresa James)
  4. Family Farm
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  5. Who is She?
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  6. Dusty 'Clay' Brewer
    (James Intveld)
  7. Fireplace
    (Rick Kleber, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Christmas Week
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  9. Springtime Waltz
    (Natalie Prantil, Teresa James, Jo Anne Kurman)

Songs & Lyrics by
Paul Golubovs & John Sokoloff


With a hand in the earth...
His eyes take in the field of grain
The gentle breeze rolls the blanket --
Borne of the earth again...

Each day joins the next --
according to God's perfect plan
While the farmer feeds
the family of man...and woman...

Born on two hundred acres --
he didn't leave for the job in town
His father taught him the lay of the land
he could work with no one else around.

They would meet on their tractors --
with suggestions passed along the way
Together they struggled --
tomorrow became today...

The son one day'd leave
to go and get a college degree
The father would smile --
Just let him be happy...

His hair now of gray
and his heart full of worry
The family farm would now
have trouble enduring...


And then on a late September afternoon
With the longest of shadows --
swaying out of tune...
His son had returned --
and brought his own family
his words were excited --
something about "new technology"...

Together they watched the sun drift over their land
And dreamt of a day the family farm would expand...

With a hand in the earth...
His eyes take in the field of grain...

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