Music: Teacher Song - White Apron - If Words Could Speak - Dusty 'Clay' Brewer - Sokoloff - Golubovs- Michelle Featherstone - Jo Anne Kurman - Mark Lenon



DISC 1 - Titles (Vocalists)

  1. White Apron
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  2. Unveil Your Love
    (Mark Lennon)
  3. Rear View Mirror
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  4. Time Shadow
    (Bob Wayne)
  5. Question To Your Heart
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  6. Until I Finally Find You
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  7. Echo of Happiness
    (Mark Lennon, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Crystal Raindrops
    (James Intveld)
  9. If Words Could Speak
    (Jo Anne Kurman)

DISC 2- Titles (Vocalists)

  1. Salty Wind
    (Mark Lennon)
  2. The Teacher
    (Michelle Featherstone
  3. Sternocleidomastoids
    (James Intveld, Teresa James)
  4. Family Farm
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  5. Who is She?
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  6. Dusty 'Clay' Brewer
    (James Intveld)
  7. Fireplace
    (Rick Kleber, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Christmas Week
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  9. Springtime Waltz
    (Natalie Prantil, Teresa James, Jo Anne Kurman)

Songs & Lyrics by
Paul Golubovs & John Sokoloff


Slammed the trunk and caught my thumb!
I'm at the clinic feelin' glum
Just one silver lining to this day --

Was treated by a caring nurse --
have ten full minutes to rehearse
the word on the chart that my
feelings have to say...

What do you say to your nurse?
Whose smile makes you perspire
Well, here is the line I rehearsed --
An actual trial by fire:

You make my sternocleidomastoids
turn my head around!
You make my sternocleidomastoids
turn my head around!
You've thrown starlight in my eyes
and lit a fire in my heart
My feelings for you, nurse,
are off the chart...

After skimmin' the whole PDR
she makes me feel better, by far
But how can I tell her that
I really care?
With some Greco-Latin, mumbo-jumbo
to share...

What do I say to my nurse?
The sweetest that I've found
Here is the line I rehearsed --
with that righteous bio-medic sound:


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