Music: Teacher Song - White Apron - If Words Could Speak - Dusty 'Clay' Brewer - Sokoloff - Golubovs- Michelle Featherstone - Jo Anne Kurman - Mark Lenon



DISC 1 - Titles (Vocalists)

  1. White Apron
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  2. Unveil Your Love
    (Mark Lennon)
  3. Rear View Mirror
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  4. Time Shadow
    (Bob Wayne)
  5. Question To Your Heart
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  6. Until I Finally Find You
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  7. Echo of Happiness
    (Mark Lennon, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Crystal Raindrops
    (James Intveld)
  9. If Words Could Speak
    (Jo Anne Kurman)

DISC 2- Titles (Vocalists)

  1. Salty Wind
    (Mark Lennon)
  2. The Teacher
    (Michelle Featherstone
  3. Sternocleidomastoids
    (James Intveld, Teresa James)
  4. Family Farm
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  5. Who is She?
    (Michelle Featherstone)
  6. Dusty 'Clay' Brewer
    (James Intveld)
  7. Fireplace
    (Rick Kleber, Jo Anne Kurman)
  8. Christmas Week
    (Jo Anne Kurman)
  9. Springtime Waltz
    (Natalie Prantil, Teresa James, Jo Anne Kurman)

Songs & Lyrics by
Paul Golubovs & John Sokoloff


The first time, through a crowd, I sensed you watching me...
I turned around to catch your eyes, and feel your energy
And I was drawn, like going home, to ask if it could be --
This moment -- that fate had drawn for me...

As the years pass and my day begins
with your breath against my lips...
I trace your eyelids gently
and launch a thousand ships...

I calmly wait -- while the waves awake
the pastel sky...
And tranquility is reflected in the sea...

Open your eyes, dear
Unveil your love...
Give me your smile, dear
My precious dove...

How wonderful this world to see --
As long as you love me...
As long as you love me...

Like the softest blanket on the coolest day
Like a warm breeze above the bay...
I wrap my arms around you --
Let forever be this way...

And I sigh, at all the times
that we have been apart...
No matter where or when --
you're in my heart...


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